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2010-05-15 09:20:15 by Killer-G

Me the commander of the dark armies of the /b/ clan our leader we destroy all the non believers who not believe our leader /b/. /b/ is the true air to the of NG. Long live the /b/. Long live the king!!!

WE need more vids about the halo,sonic,knuckles,metal gear,and madness jokes dudes or babies will attack old people.

Guys NEW!!! idea. Shotty the shotgun.

2009-10-31 11:12:30 by Killer-G

A shotgun cartoon. Every episodes you learn something NEW!!! Episode one. Shotty gets in trouble because he shot a little girl. Then the Cops come. Then he says "Hay kids don't shoot people even if your drunk." "Yeah kids!" said a Police Officer. "and NO!!! your still going to jail." "drat" Then theme song plays Shotty the shotgun Shotty the shotgun listen to him OOoooooooooor. the the guy pops up on the screen and says. "Or I'll bust a cap in your ass."


2009-09-14 09:52:46 by Killer-G

Dudes nothing BUT!!! cool'farts'AWESOME'poo' and L,O,L!!!


2009-09-10 21:17:10 by Killer-G

Hey Dudes, great news: the Longfacechubes are gone now, ther're more dead now then the dinosaurs. So every body who help us thanK YOU!!! :')


2009-09-05 21:59:01 by Killer-G

more jokes of the cock!!! dude I'm not pushing you guys but we need more. Me and more people on have the Longfacechubes it's were we need more jokes about boobs,farts,SHIT!!!,gays, and most important cock jokes. So if you could please help me and others! So.........?


2009-07-17 14:46:46 by Killer-G

I think if your an ass don't make games at all!!! Dude.